Ashford EDU 600 EDU 600 Week 4 Assignment 2 Blending and Optimizing

Ashford EDU 600 EDU 600 Week 4 Assignment 2 Blending and Optimizing


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EDU 600 EDU600 EDU/600 Week 4 Assignment 2 Blending and Optimizing

This case study assignment provides you with the opportunity to review a course description and prepare a plan for delivering that course in a blended learning environment. Perform the following tasks:

Step 1: Review this week’s material.

Step 2: Identify a course.

Throughout the Online Educator courses (EDU600, EDU602, EDU601, and EDU609) you will develop an online course or training. The learning activities of your course will take students about 5-15 hours and not more than 4 weeks to complete. In this assignment you begin to think about your online course.

The topic can be anything of interest to you. Your course may be designed for a community group, for business clients, or fellow employees in your organization. You may want to create an educational course for young or adult learners in school or college. Students in the Online Educator Specialization have developed courses covering topics in psychology, photography, mathematics, personal or spiritual growth, poetry and linguistics. One student developed a class on how to make gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches.

The most important aspect of your online course will be that it contains all the elements to support online learners in achieving your learning objectives.

As you consider your onlinetraining or educational activity think about how you might incorporateinstructional methodologies, materials, and delivery techniques to deliver your course. Identify potential resources that are available to teach this course and that you would use in the creation of a delivery plan.

Step 3: Prepare a delivery plan.

In a Word document, prepare a delivery plan to a for a course of about 5-15 hours and not more than 4 weeks to complete in a blended or online learning environment. The following must be included in the plan:

Course name and description
Length of course or learning activity in weeks


  •  A description of the learners. Why would they be taking this online course? What previous knowledge do they already know that you can leverage in this class? What else about this group of learners is relevant to know as you develop your course? 
  •  A description of the course materials you are thinking of using at this point (lectures, online videos, text book or readings, interactive activities, etc.) 
  •  A description of the technologies you are thinking about using at this point (interactive games, mind mapping tools, presentation technology, mobile devices, screen capture, audio or video recording equipment, group work tools, etc.).Include links to some examples. 
  •  A description of the teaching methodologies you are considering. Will students work in teams or groups? How will you as an instructor support the learning process. Consider a variety of instructional experiences including discussion boards, online exercises, research activities, case studies, games, adaptive learning opportunities, etc. 
  •  A description of the preferred communication tools (announcements, email, discussion boards, live chat, webinar, etc.) 
  •  A description of the plans for student interaction (students working with each other) 
  •  Sample assignment descriptions
    The plan must be at least three to four pages (not including the title and reference pages). The information provided can be in the form of bulleted brief descriptions. Use a minimum of three scholarly sources. Be sure to properly cite any resources used using APA formatting.
    Step 4: Save and submit your assignment.
    When you have completed your assignment, save a copy for yourself in an easily accessible place and submit a copy to your instructor. Depending on the system the course utilizes, assignments will either be submitted via Waypoint. 

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