Ashford COM 200 COM200 Week 4 Quiz Answers (Spring 2016)

Ashford COM 200 COM200 Week 4 Quiz Answers (Spring 2016)


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COM 200 Week 4 Quiz (Spring 2016)

  1. Researchers report that most of us spend more time ___________ than we do in any other communicative activity; however, most people have had little education on how to be an effective listener.
  2. Empathy is so important in communication because:
  3. Being optimistic, expressing your commitment, emotional support and seeking support from family and friends are all examples of:
  4. Fred and Susan have been discussing the purchase of a new car. Fred wants a small, economical vehicle while Susan prefers a roomy car that will accommodate their growing family more comfortably. They seem to be at a stand-still. Susan now has simply stopped responding to Fred when he mentions various makes and models of vehicles hoping he will “come to his senses” and see their family need for a larger vehicle. She even leaves the room if he brings up the purchase.  Their communication with each other is an example of:
  5. The more a couple deals with jealousy, conflict and abuse, the higher their satisfaction is with the relationship.
  6. The text outlines five conflict styles. Ahlani is a strong-willed person who has high control needs and is self-centered. She is often heard in her group meetings cutting others off as they make comments, talking over some people, and strongly evaluating ideas presented by others in her group. Joan’s conflict style is:
  7. When we engage in actions that are designed to sustain or preserve a relationship in a desired way, it is called ___________.
  8. Emotional intelligence involves all of the following abilities EXCEPT:
  9. Dale, a minister, and his wife Jan had plans for a “date night.” An emergency arose with a congregational member. Dale calls Jan saying, “I know how much we were both looking forward to our time alone tonight. I just heard from Jose that is wife is expected to pass away before morning and he has asked that I be with him and Lois. I hate to disappoint you, could we move our date night to Friday?” Dale’s response is an example of what type of conflict style?
  10. To communicate constructively during tough times, one should:

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