Ashford BUS 308 BUS308 WEEK 2 QUIZ Answers (New 2016)

Ashford BUS 308 BUS308 WEEK 2 QUIZ Answers (New 2016)


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BUS 308 BUS/308 BUS308 WEEK 2 QUIZ (SPRING 2016)

  1. Type I errors may occur with ______ results and type II errors with ______ results.
  2. How do statistical tests like the one sample t adjust for the absence of parameter values?

    What is the advantage of a one-tailed test over a two-tailed test?

    Each different t-distribution is defined by which of the following?

    The desired sample size depends only the size of the population to be tested. 
    The z-test can be used to test mean differences even when the initial data set is not normally distributed. 
    The standard error of the mean is actually the standard deviation of all of the means that make up the distribution of sample means. 
    What is the alternate hypothesis in a problem where sales group two is predicted to be “. . . significantly less productive than sales group one?”

    What statistic measures data variability in both groups in an independent t-test? 
    Howdoesvariabilityinthedistributionofsamplemeanscomparetovariabilityin a population based on individual scores? 

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