ANTH 100 ANTH100 Week 4 Quiz Answers (APUS)

ANTH 100 ANTH100 Week 4 Quiz Answers (APUS)


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ANTH 100 Week 4 Quiz (APUS)

  1. Estrus signals in most mammals are: 
  2. Human reproductive behavior differs from other primates in that: 
  3. Human signals of sexual receptivity are largely: 
  4. For bonobos, sex: 
  5. Which of the following has been suggested as the reason for the evolution of conscious sexuality among early humans? 
  6. Sexual dimorphism refers to: 
  7. Which of the following is an example of human sexual dimorphism? 
  8. The human sexual dimorphic features may be seen as having evolved: 
  9. The relative hairlessness of the human body was probably an adaptation to facilitate: 
  10. The presence of hair and apocrine glands in human axillary and pubic areas suggests that: 
  11. Gender refers to: 
  12. The hijras of India are: 
  13. According to the text, the cultural institutions of marriage and the incestaboo are: 
  14. A continuum of gradual change in phenotypic features acrossgeographical space is called a: 
  15. Increased levels of UV radiation result in: 
  16. Which of the following is directly related to variation and distribution ofhuman skin color: 
  17. Which of the following is the only explanation for the evolution of light skincolor that is supported by substantial evidence? 
  18. Human skin color is distributed: 
  19. The best current evidence suggests a relationship between blood typeand: 
  20. What about the human species accounts for our inability to be divided intobiologically meaningful subspecies? 
  21. Which populations of humans show the greatest amount of geneticdiversity than any other population? 
  22. To say that human race is a folk taxonomy means that: 
  23. The folk taxonomy for race that we recognize in the U.S. is largely derivedfrom: 
  24. The native peoples of Tasmania, when contacted by Europeans in the 17thcentury, had the least complex technologies of any other culture largelybecause: 
  25. Relative degree of cultural complexity is mostly linked to: 

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