AFR 110 AFR110 Lesson 7 Quiz Answers (Penn State University)

AFR 110 AFR110 Lesson 7 Quiz Answers (Penn State University)


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AFR 110 AFR110 Lesson 7 Quiz(2) Answers (Penn State University)

1. Industrialization demands good communications, reliable power and water, skilled labor and management. What constraints Africa’s new industrializing initiatives face?

2. What are the current external challenges facing African economies?

3. Today’s many African countries face high unemployment, high debt, low levels of investment and growth, a deteriorating infrastructure and the loss of skilled labor to the developed world. What are some of the factors behind this?

4. What are the prospects for the development of Africa’s economies?

5. What is the “dependency theory” of economic development?

What did development mean in practice – what kind of projects fit into this category?

What is the “economic nationality” of a product and what is its significance for Africa in relation to international trade policies?

Soon after independence, agriculture in countries like Kenya, Cote d’Ivoire and Zimbabwe experienced a boom. However, these economies declined after a decade of impressive growth. Why was this?

In the 1960s and 1970s, newly independent African countries used their resources to generate new forms of industry. Name the industries that were developed at this time.

Name the current internal challenges facing African economies.

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