AFR 110 AFR110 Lesson 4 Quiz with Answers

AFR 110 AFR110 Lesson 4 Quiz with Answers


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AFR 110 AFR110 Lesson 4 Quiz Answers (Penn State University)

1. Which Jamaican-born leader famously advocated that African-descended people go “Back to Africa”?

2. Who said: “I am convinced that the forces making for unity far outweigh those which divide us. In meeting fellow Africans from all parts of the continent I am constantly impressed by how much we have in common. It is not just our colonial past, or the fact that we have aims in common, it is something which goes far deeper. I can describe it as a sense of one-ness in that we are Africans”?

3. Name the first president of Ghana.

4. Structures that attempt to implement African unity include:

5. The Accra Declaration,which concluded the 2007 African Union summit, led to the following:

6. Choose the best statement below about the African Renaissance, that is, the reconstruction or reawakening of the African continent?

7. Accra is a city in which African country?

8. What is Afro-pessimism?

9. Name the second president of South Africa, elected in 1999?

10. Name the first president of Kenya.

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