AFR 110 AFR110 Lesson 2 Quiz with Answers (Penn State University)

AFR 110 AFR110 Lesson 2 Quiz with Answers (Penn State University)


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AFR 110 AFR110 Lesson 2 Quiz Answers (Penn State University)

  1. Where does Africa begin and end? This is not only a geographical question, but one linked to assumptions about race and civilization in Africa. The historian Paul Zeleza points out that depending on “which Africa” is being studied, the borders of the continent seem surprisingly variable. One example of this is the problematic division of the continent iinto North Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa. Choose examples of such problematic beliefs about Africa’s geography from those below.
  2. Geography has a crucial impact on Africa. Select categories where geography has an impact.
  3. Name some famously false statements about Africa by well-known intellectuals.
  4. Who said “geography is the mother of history”?
  5. Africa has great mineral wealth, Name the mineral wealth. but the limited secondary processing of such raw materials means that the continent exports such materials to other countries where they are converted into manufactured goods, some of which are sold back to Africa. Name some of the minerals mined in Africa.
  6. Where is Africa? Choose the most accurate statement about the geographical and symbolic borders of the continent.
  7. Through a knowledge of geography, we can better understand the way in which African state systems developed in context of their environments. Choose the most accurate statement.
  8. How many countries are there in Africa?
  9. Which bodies of water surround Africa?
  10. Why must one ask “which Africa” is being studied?

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