AFR 110 AFR110 Lesson 11 Quiz with Answers (Penn State University)

AFR 110 AFR110 Lesson 11 Quiz with Answers (Penn State University)


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AFR 110 AFR110 Lesson 11 Quiz Answers (Penn State University)

  1. Which anthropologist defined diaspora as a local identity shaped by “historical contexts of displacement”?
  2. African writers whose work shows the impact of mutual exchanges between African artists and the diaspora include:
  3. What evidence is there of African contacts with the outside world before European colonization?
  4. Which part of the African continent imported enslaved people to the continent from India and South-east Asia?
  5. What are some problems of the impact of the African diaspora on Africa?
  6. The historian Paul Zeleza outlined the spatial dimensions of the African diaspora. Select the most accurate statement below.
  7. Diaspora means:
  8. How has the contemporary era of migration and globalization changed African diasporas? Choose the most accurate statement.
  9. The word diaspora means “a scattering” and originally referred to the dispersal of Jews after their expulsion from Babylon. Has the meaning of the word changed today?
  10. The Egyptian empire, an ancient African civilization which started around 3000 BC and continued until the third century BC, influenced subsequent civilizations both in Africa and Europe such as:

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