ADM 554 ADM554 Workshop Two Homework (Indiana)

ADM 554 ADM554 Workshop Two Homework (Indiana)


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ADM 554 Workshop Two Homework

Introduction and Alignment


The science of Operations Management and Strategy consists of many mathematical algorithms, which provide decisions for management to efficiently and effectively compete in a global competitive environment. In each workshop, five such problems are assigned for you to solve, generally using one of two software packages, POM or OM Explorer, that must be downloaded from the InternetThe specific software package to use and the correct module within that package are indicated within each problem assignment.




• Textbook: Operations Management: Processes and Supply Chains




1. Using the appropriate software (POM or OM Explorer), solve the following problems:

a. Chapter 4: Problem 13, a – Using Microsoft PowerPoint (or any other draw package), draw a flowchart diagram of the DMV business process, similar to the process diagram shown in Figure 4.2 in the textbook.

Note: instead of doing Problem 13a, as an option you may draw a flowchart of a process from your workplace that has at least 8 steps and at least one decision point (diamond).

b. Chapter 4: Problem 13, b – Using OM Explorer/ Enable Macros/OM Explorer /Solvers/Process Analysis/Process Charts, develop a Process Chart for DMV similar to the one shown in Figure 4.8 of the textbook.

c. Chapter 5: Problem 7 – Using POM/Module/ Quality and Performance/File/New/ p-charts, solve problem. (Note: p-Chart @ 99%, 2.58 sigma)

Hint: The sample size is NOT 15. There are 15 sample days. How many are in each sample?

d. Chapter 5: Problem 14 (part A only) – Using POM/Module/Quality and Performance/File/New/x-bar Charts solve problem. (Note: x - bar and R Chart @ 3 sigma)

e. Chapter 5: Problem 18 – Using POM/Module/ Quality and Performance/File/New/c-charts, solve problem. (Note: c – Chart @ 2 sigma)


2. After inputting the proper data into POM click the Solve button on the menu bar.

3. Right click on the pertinent charts, tables and/or graphs from OM Explorer or POM to copy to a Word document.

4. Paste the pertinent charts, tables and/or graphs from OM Explorer or POM into a single Word document.

5. Provide an answer to each part of the assigned problem based on the output from POM or OM Explorer.

6. Save your Word document to your computer in a location that is convenient for you to locate.

7. Save your work as a PowerPoint file for each assigned PowerPoint problem.

8. When you have completed your assignment, save a copy of your Word document and PowerPoint file for yourself in a location that is convenient for you to locate and submit copies to your instructor using the Dropbox prior to start of Workshop Three.

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