ADM 554 ADM554 Workshop Two - 2.6 Dropbox (Indiana)

ADM 554 ADM554 Workshop Two - 2.6 Dropbox (Indiana)


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ADM 554 Workshop Two - 2.6 Dropbox

Starwood: Project Management (Part Two)

Introduction and Alignment


This individual project assignment involves researching and analyzing some of Starwood’s operations as well as making recommendations about various aspects of the operations. The project requires the development of six reports of the operations at Starwood Hotel; and, then consolidating and integrating those individual reports into a Final Report for Starwood. The six operations topics that will be covered are:

1. WS-1 – Operations as a Competitive Weapon

2. WS-2 – Project Management

3. WS-3 – Process Analysis

4. WS-4 – Process Performance and Quality

5. WS-5 – Supply Chain Management

6. WS-6 – Sales and Operations Planning (This report will not be submitted as an individual report, but will be included as part of the Final Report in Workshop Six)

These topics parallel subject matter that you will have covered in the textbook. Also, it is required that three other sources be consulted and referenced during the preparation of the reports.This is required in order that you can enlarge and expand the discussion of the subject material. The textbook may be used as one of the three sources. It is recommended that you first readStarwood Hotels & Resorts A Case Study and watch the video Starwood: Project Management This Case Study will give you an excellent overview of the Starwood enterprises. 




• Textbook: Operations Management: Processes and Supply Chains

• Video Library


Background Information


This video of project management presents a recent project initiated by The Phoenician in Scottsdale, Arizona. As part of Starwood’s Luxury Collection brand, the resort is one of the company’s top resorts, both in reputation and revenue generation. The recent achievement of the prestigious AAA 5 Diamond Award for the resort triggered a review of the resort’s spa and golf programs to see what needed to be done to bring them up to the same, 5 Diamond level.




1. Watch “Starwood: Project Management” and read the Video Case “Project Management at the Phoenician” at the end of Chapter 2 in the textbook.

2. After a thorough analysis of the Video and other materials that you have reviewed, prepare your second report to Starwood, entitled “Starwood-Project Management”. Your report will include the following issues:

a. Coordinating departments in a major project is always a challenge. Which departments within the Starwood organization likely played a role in each of the following project-related activities?

• Defining and organizing the project

• Planning the project

• Monitoring and controlling the project

b. Many times, project decisions do not rely solely on financial hurdles, such as return on investment or internal rates of return, but put a lot of weight on intangible factors. What are the salient intangible factors associated with selecting one of the three options for the spa?

c. Timing is also a challenge. Construct a network diagram for the spa selection process. How soon can The Phoenician management make a decision on the spa?

3. The report is to be 7 - 8 pages in length, which includes the Title Page and the Reference Page, and should cite at least three sources.

4. The report must be prepared in compliance with the APA formatting standards and is to use the following outline:

a. Title Page

b. Introduction

c. Body of Text (with appropriate paragraph and sub-paragraph headings)

d. Conclusion

e. References

f. Appendixes (if required)

2. When you have completed your assignment, save a copy for yourself and submit a copy to your instructor using the Dropbox by the end of the workshop.

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