ADM 554 ADM554 Workshop One - 1.5 Dropbox (Indiana)

ADM 554 ADM554 Workshop One - 1.5 Dropbox (Indiana)


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ADM 554 Workshop One - 1.5 Dropbox

Starwood: Competitive Weapon (Part One)




1. Watch “Starwood: Operations as a Competitive Weapon” and read the Video Case “Operations as a Competitive Weapon at Starwood” at the end of Chapter 1 of the textbook. Also review other source material, including your textbook, related specifically to Starwood or other organizations that have had similar activities and experiences.

2. After a thorough analysis of the Video and other materials that you have reviewed, prepare your first report to Starwood, entitled “Starwood: Operations as a Competitive Weapon”. Your report will include the following issues:

a. With the understanding that Starwood’s future growth and success relied heavily on its relationships with meeting planners, what are the key inputs and outputs associated with Starwood’s new meeting planning process?

b. How does the meeting planning process at Starwood interact with the following core processes at their hotel, such as: Customer relationship, New service or product development, Order fulfillment, and Supplier relationship?

3. The report is to be 7 - 8 pages in length, which includes the Title Page and the Reference Page, and should cite at least three sources.

4. The report must be prepared in compliance with the APA formatting standards and is to use the following outline:

• Title Page

• Introduction

• Body of Text (with appropriate paragraph and sub-paragraph headings)

• Conclusion

• References

• Appendixes (if required)

5. When you have completed your assignment, save a copy for yourself and submit a copy to your instructor using the Dropbox by the end of the workshop.

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