ADM 554 ADM554 Workshop Five - 5.6 Group Activity

ADM 554 ADM554 Workshop Five - 5.6 Group Activity


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ADM 554 Workshop Five - 5.6 Group Activity 

Nantucket Nectars: ERP




1. You will meet in the Group Discussion Forum.

2. Consult the following sources:

• Watch “ Nantucket Nectars: ERP ” 

• Perform an Internet search via Google: “Nantucket Nectars ERP” and select and read the articles at the following sites: Nantucket Nectars Implements Oracle’s E-Business Suiteand System Plan.

3. Choose a different Group Leader than before. This responsibility should be rotated among the group members.

4. Assign each group member one part of the case study, with this assignment being made either by the members or by the Group Leader.

5. Each group should include the following based on the case study:

• What was/is the motivation for Nantucket Nectar or any company to implement an ERP system?

• What are the risks that must overcome by Nantucket Nectars or any company before an ERP system can be installed?

• Discuss in some detail the steps involved in an implementation plan for an ERP system.

• Construct a Project Gantt Chart reflecting your understanding of a typical Implementation Plan.

• What benefits and improvements were realized from the ERP implementation?

2. The Group Leader will compile all parts into a single document.

3. The group document must be prepared in compliance with the APA formatting standards and is to use the following outline:

• Title Page

• Introduction

• Body of Text (with appropriate paragraph and sub-paragraph headings)

• Conclusion

• References

• Appendixes (if required)

2. The Group Leader will save a copy and submit a copy to your instructor using the Dropbox by the end of Workshop Six.

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