ACO 1806 ACO1806 Week 9 Individual Work (Everest)

ACO 1806 ACO1806 Week 9 Individual Work (Everest)


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ACO1806 Week 9 Individual Work (Everest)

1.         Check the unemployment compensation law of your state and determine the answers to the following questions:
2.          How do nonprofit organizations, subject to coverage, make payments to the unemployment compensation fund?
3.          Can part-time teachers collect unemployment compensation between school terms?
4.          Can professional athletes receive unemployment compensation?
5.          Are aliens covered by the unemployment compensation law?
6.          How do employers protest or appeal benefit determinations and charges against their accounts?
7.          Briefly describe how a person’s weekly benefit rate and maximum benefit amount are determined.
8.          Can an unemployed worker collect additional benefits if he or she has dependents? If so, how much is paid for each dependent? 
9.          Can employers make voluntary contributions to their state unemployment reserve accounts?
10.          For what reasons may an unemployed worker be disqualified from receiving unemployment benefits? 

11.         What steps are taken by the state unemployment agency to prevent the improper payment of claims?

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