ACG 4201 ACG4201 Quiz 1 (Everest)

ACG 4201 ACG4201 Quiz 1 (Everest)


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ACG4201 Quiz 1 (Everest)

  1. Orbit Inc. purchased Planet Co. in 20X3. At that time an existing patent was not recorded as a separately identified intangible asset. At the end of fiscal year 20X4, the patent is valued at $15,000, and goodwill has a book value of $100,000. How should intangible assets be reported at the beginning of fiscal year 20X5?
  2. Polk issues common stock to acquire all the assets of the Sam Company on January 1, 20X5. There is a contingent share agreement, which states that if the income of the Sam Division exceeds a certain level during 20X5 and 20X6, additional shares will be issued on January 1, 20X7. The impact of issuing the additional shares is to
  3. When an acquisition of another company occurs, FASB recommends disclosing all of the following EXCEPT:
  4. Goodwill represents the excess cost of an acquisition over the
  5. A subsidiary was acquired for cash in a business combination on December 31, 20X1. The purchase price exceeded the fair value of identifiable net assets. The acquired company owned equipment with a fair value in excess of the book value as of the date of the combination. A consolidated balance sheet prepared on December 31, 20X1, would
  6. Consolidated financial statements are appropriate even without a majority ownership if which of the following exists:
  7. The SEC and FASB has recommended that a parent corporation should consolidate the financial statements of the subsidiary into its financial statements when it exercises control over the subsidiary, even without majority ownership. In which of the following situations would control NOT be evident?
  8. Alpha purchased an 80% interest in Beta on June 30, 20X1. Both Alpha's and Beta's reporting periods end December 31. Which of the following represents the controlling interest in consolidated net income for 20X1?
  9. What is the effect if an unconsolidated subsidiary is accounted for by the equity method but consolidated statements are being prepared for the parent company and other subsidiaries?
  10. Which of the following statements applying to the use of the equity method versus the cost method is true?

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