ACG 3351 ACG3351 Week 10 Quiz (Everest)

ACG 3351 ACG3351 Week 10 Quiz (Everest)


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ACG 3351 Week 10 Quiz (Everest)

1. Nonfinancial measures of quality are often easy to quantify and easy to understand. (Points : 5)

2. Retailers generally have a high percentage of net income to revenues. (Points : 5)

3. Quality of design measures how closely the characteristics of products or services meet the needs and wants of customers. (Points : 5)

4. Shortening delivery time is a minor part of the quality improvement process. (Points : 5)

5. A "push-through" system, often described as a just-in-time system, emphasizes simplicity and close coordination among work centers. (Points : 5)

6. ISO 9000, developed by the International Organization for Standardization, is a set of five international standards for quality management which has been adopted by more than 85 countries. (Points : 5)

7. Just-in-time purchasing requires organizations to place smaller purchase orders with their suppliers. (Points : 5)

8. A "demand-pull" system, often described as a materials requirement planning system, focuses first on the forecasted amount and timing of finished goods, and then determines the demand for material components and subassemblies at each of the prior stages of production. (Points : 5)

9. Inventory management is the planning, organizing and controlling of activities that focus on the flow of materials into, though and from the organization. (Points : 5)

10. In the banking industry, depositing a customer's check into the right bank account is an example of quality of design failure. (Points : 5)

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