ACG 3341-1 ACG3341-1 Individual Week 5

ACG 3341-1 ACG3341-1 Individual Week 5


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ACG 3341-1 Individual Week 5

Exercise 5-19: Plant-wide, department, and ABC indirect cost rates

Automotive Products (AP) designs and produces automotive parts. In 2014, actual variable manufacturing overhead is $308,600. AP’s simple costing system allocates variable manufacturing overhead to its three customers based on machine-hours and prices its contracts based on full costs. One of its customers has regularly complained of being charged noncompetitive prices, so AP’s controller Devon Smith realizes that it is time to examine the consumption of overhead resources more closely. He knows that there are three main departments that consume overhead resources: design, production, and engineering. Interviews with the department personnel and examination of time records yield the following detailed information.

Exercise 5-24: Activity-based costing, manufacturing

Fancy Doors, Inc., produces two types of doors, interior and exterior. The company’s simple costing system has two direct cost categories (materials and labor) and one indirect cost pool. The simple costing system allocates indirect costs on the basis of machine-hours. Recently, the owners of Fancy Doors have been concerned about a decline in the market share for their interior doors, usually their biggest seller. Information related to Fancy Doors production for the most recent year follows:

Exercise 5-26: ABC, wholesale, customer profitability

Ramirez Wholesalers operates at capacity and sells furniture items to four department-store chains (customers). Mr. Ramirez commented, “We apply ABC to determine product-line profitability. The same ideas apply to customer profitability, and we should find out our customer profitability as well.” Ramirez Wholesalers sends catalogs to corporate purchasing departments on a monthly basis. The customers are entitled to return unsold merchandise within a six- month period from the purchase date and receive a full purchase price refund. The following data were collected from last year’s operations:

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