ACG 3341-1 ACG3341-1 Individual Week 1

ACG 3341-1 ACG3341-1 Individual Week 1


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ACG 3341-1 Individual Week 1

1-18: Classify each of the cost items (a–h) as one of the business functions of the value chain shown in Exhibit 1-2 (page 6). 

1-21: Planning and control decisions. Conner Company makes and sells brooms and mops. It takes the following actions, not necessarily in the order given. For each action (a–e) state whether it is a planning decision or a control decision.

1-23: Five-step decision-making process, manufacturing. Tadeski Foods makes frozen dinners that it sells through grocery stores. Typical products include turkey, pot roast, fried chicken, and meatloaf. The managers at Tadeski have recently proposed a line of frozen chicken pies. They take the following actions to help decide whether to launch the line.

1-28: Strategic decisions and management accounting. Consider the following series of independent situations in which a firm is about to make a strategic decision.

1-32: Role of controller, role of chief financial officer. George Jimenez is the controller at Balkin Electronics, a manufacturer of devices for the computer industry. The company may promote him to chief financial officer.

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