ACG 2178 ACG2178 Week 3 Individual Work (Everest)

ACG 2178 ACG2178 Week 3 Individual Work (Everest)


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ACG2178 Week 3 Individual Work (Everest)


3 – 1) The following information was obtained from the accounts of Airlines International dated December 31, 2012. It is presented in alphabetical order. 

3 – 7) You have just started as a staff auditor for a small CPA firm. During the course of the audit, you discover the following items related to a single client firm:

3 – 10) Rosewell Company has had 5,000 shares of 9%, $100 par-value preferred stock and 10,000 shares of $10 par-value common stock outstanding for the last two years. During the most recent year, dividend paid totaled $65,000; in the prior year dividends paid totaled $40,000. 

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