ACC 650 ACC650 Module 6 Quiz Answers (Grand Canyon University)

ACC 650 ACC650 Module 6 Quiz Answers (Grand Canyon University)


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ACC 650 Module 6 Quiz Internal Control and Transfer Pricing (GRAND CANYON)

1) Which of the following describes the goal that should be pursued when setting transfer prices?

2) The amounts charged for goods and services exchanged between two divisions are known as:

3) Which of the following is an appropriate base to distribute the cost of building depreciation to responsibility centers?

4) Which of the following bodies oversees audits and auditors, and sanctions firms and individuals for violations of laws and regulations?

5) Sunrise Corporation has a return on investment of 15%. A Sunrise division, which currently has a 13% ROI and $750,000 of residual income, is contemplating a massive new investment that will (1) reduce divisional ROI and (2) produce $120,000 of residual income. If Sunrise strives for goal congruence, the investment:

6) Weston Company had sales revenue and operating expenses of $5,000,000 and $4,200,000, respectively, for the year just ended. If invested capital amounted to $6,000,000, the firm's ROI was:

7) The basic idea behind residual income is to have a division maximize its:

8) Which of the following costs would be classified as a prevention cost on a quality report?

9) A manufacturer's raw-material purchasing department would likely be classified as a:

10) Which of the following is the correct mathematical expression to derive a company's capital turnover?

11) When managers of subunits throughout an organization strive to achieve the goals set by top management, the result is:

12) The provisions of section 302 of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (as originally enacted) require the signing officers of a company to do all of the following except:

13) ROI is most appropriately used to evaluate the performance of:

14) A general calculation method for transfer prices that achieves goal congruence begins with the additional outlay cost per unit incurred because goods are transformed and then

15) Under section 404 of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, auditors are required to:

16) Controllable costs, as used in a responsibility accounting system, consist of:

17) Sand Fly Corporation operates two stores: J and K. The following information relates to J:

18) A responsibility center in which the manager is held accountable for the profitable use of assets and capital is commonly known as a(n):

19) The difference between the profit margin controllable by a segment manager and the segment profit margin is caused by:

20) The Little Rock Division of Classics Companies currently reports a profit of $3.6 million. Divisional invested capital totals $9.5 million; the imputed interest rate is 12%. On the basis of this information, Little Rock's residual income is:

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