ACC 499 ACC499 Final Exam Part 1

ACC 499 ACC499 Final Exam Part 1


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  1. Current GAAP requires that the net gain or loss from a settlement or curtailment be included in the 
  2. Because of significant government funding of benefits to retirees, it is likely that total pension costs are 
  3. Vested benefits are 
  4. The interest rate that may be used to compute the interest cost component of pension expense is equal to the 
  5. Current GAAP defines the required calculations for all of the following items except 
  6. GAAP for pension plans requires companies with defined benefit pension plans to 
  7. The expense for other postretirement benefits, such as health care benefits, dental benefits, and eye care benefits, currently is accounted for 
  8. A company's net periodic pension cost (expense) includes all of the following items except 
  9. A pension plan provides for future retirement income based on the employee's income and length of service with the company. This type of pension plan is termed a 
  10. Viewing information that passes along a network communication channel is referred to as: 
  11. Which is the most secure method of computer authorization? 
  12. In an electronic environment, no other control can better prevent fraud than the wise use of: 
  13. Which of the following uses features of the human body to create secure access controls? 
  14. Spoofing is which of the following? 
  15. Traditional ___ reduces the risk of falsified identity
  16. Locks on the doors to the computer room, is an example of which electronic control?
  17. Specific fraud risks to conducting e-business include: 
  18. Phillips Corp. purchased raw materials with a catalog price of $60,000. Credit terms of 3/15, n/60 apply. If Phillips uses the net price method, the purchase should be recorded at
  19. An American company purchasing goods from a foreign supplier has to account for differences in currencies. This process is made easier 
  20. A retail firm would normally use an inventory account titled 
  21. IFRS do not allow the use of LIFO because it 
  22. When comparing the lower of cost to market 
  23. Which of the following items would not be used in the calculation of the cost-to-retail ratio if the FIFO retail inventory method were used to determine the ending inventory? 
  24. The most common approach to implementing the lower of cost or market rule for inventory valuation is to apply it 
  25. When applying lower of cost or market, market value 

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