ACC 410 ACC410 Final Exam Part 2 (Strayer)

ACC 410 ACC410 Final Exam Part 2 (Strayer)


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ACC 410 Final Exam Part 2

This final exam consist of 25 multiple choice questions and covers the material in Chapters 11 through 15. There are five questions from each Chapter.

Which of the following is NOT a primary government?

The introductory section of a CAFR does NOT include which of the following?

The City created a legally separate entity to operate a County Hospital.  The City Council appoints a voting majority of the board of the Hospital.  The City cannot impose its will on the Hospital and there is no potential for a financial benefit or financial burden to the City.  The County Hospital would be a

The County created a legally separate County Hospital authority.   Members of the board of the County Hospital are elected in county-wide elections.  The hospital receives no financial support from the County, except that the County pays the hospital bills for county indigents.  All revenues of the Hospital are user fees.  In what manner would the Hospital be included in the County’s Basic Financial Statements?

With regard to combining statements, which of the following statements is true?

A not-for-profit Art Museum that has elected not to capitalize its art collection receives a donation of a rare piece of Tlinket Indian art.  The donor paid $8,000 for the piece several years ago.  Today the piece has an estimated fair value of $50,000.  What entry should the Art Museum make upon receipt of this donation?

Simplex Games, a not-for-profit entity organized to provide athletic competition opportunities for high school students, utilizes a number of volunteers in carrying out its mission.  At the 2002 Games 50 volunteers provided a total of 1000 hours of service performing tasks such as picking up litter and delivering water to the athletes.  A local CPA firm donates its services to prepare the annual tax return and other federal and state required paperwork which must be filed to maintain its status as a tax-exempt organization.  During 2002 the CPA firm provided 50 hours of service.  If purchased, the CPA services would have cost $50 per hour and the game workers would have cost $5 per hour.  How much contributed service revenue should Simplex Games recognize in 2002?

A donor pledges $100,000 to the Shakespeare Foundation to be used only to support the summer Shakespeare Theater‚ÄĒan event that has been held every summer for 38 years.¬† This is an example of a(an)

Revenue from an exchange transaction may be classified as an increase in which class of net assets?

United Charities’ annual fund raising drive in 2001 raised pledges of $600,000 of which $400,000 were collected in 2001 and $100,000 were collected in 2002.  United Charities estimates $75,000 of the remaining pledges will never be collected. The increase in temporarily restricted net assets in 2001 as a result of the fundraising drive is

For a not-for-profit college or university, which of the following categories of net assets is NOT appropriate in its external financial statements?

A hospital estimates, based on past experience, that it will incur $5 million in malpractice claims as a result of services rendered in the current period.  The hospital carries a malpractice insurance policy with a yearly $2 million deductible clause.  The amount that should appear on its year-end financial statement as Claims Expense (Loss) should be

In prior years, a not-for-profit hospital received funds from a donor who restricted the use of those funds to providing nursing scholarships.  During the current year $8,000 of scholarships were awarded.  These scholarships should be reported

For financial reporting purposes, private not-for-profit health care providers are within the jurisdiction of the

Which of the following entities should recognize depreciation expense on its operating statement?

This law requires that the wages of laborers and mechanics employed by the contractors of federally funded projects be paid at prevailing local wage rates.

Government Auditing Standards must be adhered to in all financial audits except of

Which of the following statements is incorrect about GAO standards pertaining to performance audits?

Federal funds must be used only for activities that are within the scope of the grant would be a(n)

Government Auditing Standards characterizes government engagements into which of the following three categories?

The city council of the City of Highland Hills has adopted a policy of aggressively pursuing grants and other resource inflows from other levels of government.  Over the past several years, the proportion of total City revenues that comes from other levels of government has been steadily increasing.  As a consequent of these increased revenues, the City has begun offering a number of new services to the citizens of the City.  In assessing the financial condition of the City of Highland Hills, an analyst would conclude which of the following?

Which of the following is generally considered to be a positive fiscal characteristic for a City?

A government’s economic condition is a(n) ____________ concept than its financial position.

Which of the following events would be evidence that the audience criterion of a not-for-profit joint program and fund-raising activity has NOT been met?  Each activity included both a program activity and a fund-raising solicitation.

If an activity that involves fund-raising as well as programmatic, manageme

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