ACC 403 ACC403 MidTerm Part 2 (Strayer)

ACC 403 ACC403 MidTerm Part 2 (Strayer)


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ACC 403 MidTerm Part 2

This midterm exam consists of 25 multiple choice questions and covers the material in Chapters 5 through 8.

The principal issue in cases involving alleged negligence is usually:

"Absence of reasonable care that can be expected of a person in a set of circumstances" defines:

While the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act of 1977 remains in effect, its internal control provisions have been largely superseded by which of the following?

The standard of due care to which the auditor is expected to adhere to in the performance of the audit is referred to as the:

In the performance of an audit, a CPA:

The laws that have been developed through court decisions are called:

The auditor's best defense when material misstatements are not uncovered is to have conducted the audit:

The responsibility for the preparation of the financial statements and the accompanying footnotes belongs to:

A questioning mindset:

The posting and summarization audit objective is the auditor's counterpart to management's assertion of:

The concept of reasonable assurance indicates that the auditor is:

If a short-term note payable is included in the accounts payable balance on the financial statement, there is a violation of the:

The evaluations of financial information through analysis of plausible relationships among financial and nonfinancial data is the definition of:

Appropriateness of evidence is a measure of the:

The auditor must gather sufficient and appropriate evidence during the course of the audit. Sufficient evidence must:

When auditors use documentation to support recorded transactions and amounts, the process is usually called:

A benefit obtained from using industry averages is that it provides a(n):

When the auditor uses tracing as an audit procedure for tests of transactions she is primarily concerned with which audit objective?

Calculating the gross margin for the current year under audit as a percent of sales and comparing it with previous years is what type of evidence?

Business risk:

In making client acceptance decisions, the audit firm will consider:

If an auditor is requested to perform nonaudit services for a public company audit client, who is responsible for agreeing to those services with the audit firm?

The auditor is likely to accumulate more evidence when the audit is for a company:

Most auditors assess inherent risk as high for related parties and related-party transactions because:

The two major factors affecting acceptable audit risk are:

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