ACC 305 ACC305 Final Exam 1 Answers (Strayer)

ACC 305 ACC305 Final Exam 1 Answers (Strayer)


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ACC 305 Final Exam 1 (Strayer)

  1. In a parliamentary system, all power is invested in the national
  2. In addition to the power of judicial review, courts can wield influence by
  3. In Germany, research and teaching are “free” but subject to
  4. Who predicted ratification of the Constitution would result in the creation of an ever-growing government that would greatly increase taxes?
  5. Public trust and confidence in the federal government has declined sharply since the
  6. Who said that the “real revolution” was the “radical change in the principles, opinions, and sentiments, and affections of the people”?
  7. Only one constitutional amendment has been ratified in the conventions of three-fourths of the states—the __________Amendment.
  8. When the Constitution was written, slaves were __________ of the population of the five Southern states.
  9. The Great Compromise allocated representation on the basis of
  10. The Virginia Plan was authored by
  11. The Supreme Court has ruled that enemies who appear on our shores without military uniforms for the purpose of committing hostile acts are
  12. The amendment that is probably the most important in terms of having the Bill of Rights apply to the states is the
  13. Under the USA Patriot law, the attorney general may hold any noncitizen who is thought to be a national security risk for up to ___________ days.
  14. Under the free exercise clause, a man
  15. A bill of attainder
  16. Which case banned so-called “freedom-of-choice” plans as devices for desegregating public schools?
  17. In which case did the Supreme Court rule states could not ban partial-birth abortions altogether?
  18. Which president ordered that all Japanese Americans be removed from their homes in California and placed them in relocation centers far from the coast?
  19. The Supreme Court’s strongest statement regarding affirmative action came in a case involving
  20. Which case found the Supreme Court striking down a law that banned interracial marriage?
  21. The Constitution was ratified in
  22. Officials representing __________ states challenged the constitutionality of Obamacare in the federal courts.
  23. National supremacy became an important legal question in an 1819 case involving a
  24. The authors of the text suggest that, today, the doctrine of dual federalism is
  25. The alliance among the states that existed from 1776 to 1787 was a

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