AC 507 AC507 Unit 5 Assignment 2 (Kaplan University)

AC 507 AC507 Unit 5 Assignment 2 (Kaplan University)


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AC 507 Unit 5 Assignment 2 (Kaplan University)

Chapter 8

22. Lab Kennels, Inc. and Wolman Developers have agreed to exchange two parcels of land and each will assume the other’s mortgage on the parcel acquired. Lab owns 500 acres within city limits that has a value of $750,000 and a basis of $300,000. It is encumbered by $200,000 mortgage. Wolman’s property is raw land outside the city that has a value of $900,000, a basis of $400,000, and is encumbered by a $350,000 mortgage.

29. Clayton Corporation owns business realty that the county condemns on July 15, year 1. The county pays Clayton $400,000 for the property that has an allocated basis of $235,000.

51. A shareholder receives stock valued at $500,000 and $50,000 cash for two pieces of equipment as part of a Section 351 transaction. He transfers (1) Machine A with a fair market value of $330,000 and a basis of $300,000 and (2) Machine B with a fair market value of $220,000 and a basis of $250,000. How do you think the shareholder should determine if he should recognize any gain on the transfer of the equipment? Comment on the result. 

Chapter 9


26. Mondial Corporation’s financial accounting records show it had gross revenue of $980,000, cost of goods sold of $420,000, operating expenses of $380,000, and $4,000 of dividends received from a 40% owned company. Its operating expenses included the following:

58. June owned all the stock of Corporation A. Over the years, the corporation had been very successful but had never paid any dividends, although it had substantial earnings and profits. June wanted to expand into another line of business as a sole proprietor but did not have the cash to do so. June decided to form B, a new corporation. She contributed all the stock of A to B. B borrowed $100,000 from a bank using A stock as collateral. B then distributed all of its stock and the $100,000 to June. How should June treat the distribution of the stock and the $100,000?

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