AC 505 AC505 Unit 2 Quiz Answers (Kaplan University)

AC 505 AC505 Unit 2 Quiz Answers (Kaplan University)


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AC 505 Unit 2 Quiz (Kaplan University)

  1. Which of the following statements about capital budgeting is true?
  2. The Kelso Company has two divisions: Eastern and Western. The Eastern division has the following revenues and expenses: Sales: $900,000 
    Variable costs: 450,000 
    Fixed costs: 260,000
    Allocated corporate costs: 240,000 
    Net income (loss): $(50,000) 
  3. A new machine that costs $87,200 is expected to save annual cash operating costs of $20,000 over each of the next six years. The machine's internal rate of return is:
  4. Xebex Company is considering whether to make or buy a component that is used in the production of fax machines. The annual cost of producing the 100,000 units needed by the company is as follows:
  5. Susan Jackson is considering buying a machine to produce silk-screened T-shirts. The following estimated data are available for her proposed project: 
  6. Pearson Co. is considering the purchase of a $200,000 machine that is expected to reduce operating cash expenses by $65,000 per year. This machine, which has no salvage value, has an estimated useful life of 5 years and will be depreciated on a straight-line basis. For this machine, the simple rate of return would be:
  7. The term "outsourcing" is most closely associated with:
  8. The Vector Company produces four products with the following costs and selling prices:
  9. The Salty Snacks Co. is considering launching a new product that is expected to have a life of 7 years. The initial investment in equipment will cost $480,000. The projected cash revenues and cash expenses for the product are:
  10. Lido manufactures products A and B from a common raw material and have a joint process cost of $80,000. Ten thousand pounds of B can be sold at split-off for $15 per pound or processed further at an additional cost of $20,000 and later sold for $16. If Lido decides to process B beyond the split-off point, operating income will:

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