AC 502 AC502 Unit 4 Quiz (Kaplan University)

AC 502 AC502 Unit 4 Quiz (Kaplan University)


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AC 502 Unit 4 Quiz (Kaplan University)

Question 1. An employer can legally require all employees to have a high school diploma if: 

Question 2. When may an employer require an employee to submit to a lie detector test? 

Question 3. Employees of Truan went on strike because Truan refused to bargain in good faith. 

Question 4. Express authority can be created by: 

Question 5. Quid pro quo means: 

Question 6. The Family and Medical Leave Act applies to: 

Question 7. Under the FMLA: 

Question 8. Which of the following defines Unfair Labor Practices (ULP)? 

Question 9. If the agent is disloyal to the principal: 

Question 10. The goals of the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) include: 

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