AB 224 AB224 Unit 5 Assignment (Kaplan University)

AB 224 AB224 Unit 5 Assignment (Kaplan University)


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AB 224 Unit 5 Assignment (Kaplan University)

1. The accompanying table shows the price and yearly quantity sold of ice cream cones on Sidfield Island.

2. Newspaper vending machines are designed so that once you have paid for one paper; you have access to all the papers in the machine and could take multiple papers at a time. However, other vending machines dispense only one item (the item you bought).  You do not have access to all the goods (sodas, candy, snacks, etc.) at one time.   Using the concept of marginal utility, explain why these vending machines differ?

3. Amy is shopping at a dollar store.  She is currently buying 5 bracelets that cost $1 each and 4 sodas that cost $1 each.  The table below indicates the marginal utility she obtains when she purchases this combination.

4. On Tuesday nights, a local restaurant has a kid’s meal special. Nina’s son, Braden likes the restaurant’s chicken nuggets, but Braden seems to be growing bigger every day and the kid’s meal is usually not enough. The restaurant does allow for additional purchase of chicken nugget servings. Nina’s willingness to pay for each serving is shown in the table below.

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