SCIE 210 SCIE210 Unit 3 Individual Project: Energy - AIU

SCIE 210 SCIE210 Unit 3 Individual Project: Energy - AIU


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SCIE 210 Unit 3 Individual Project: Energy

American InterContinental University

Environmental Science (SCIE210-1703-10)





This essay discusses energy, which describes the thermodynamics laws and explains how these scientific laws relate to the use and conversion of energy. It also digs into the demand of energy efficiency. It describes the advantages and disadvantages of certain kinds of energy. This Essayfurthermore describes the 2005 Energy Policy Act provisions, and how it helps the U.S. meet its use of energy objectives.





Unit 3 Individual Project: Energy

Humans use energy for a wide range of purposes: transportation, heating and air conditioning, industrial uses, and residential needs, such as cooking and lighting houses. The source of serviceable power for use is varied by the local geography and/or the local infrastructure. There are two types of energy: renewable or non-renewable, and each has its benefits and disadvantages (Editorial Board [EB], 2013). This paper describes the

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SCIE 210 Unit 3 Individual Project

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