CSIS 331 CSIS331 Lab 12 Answer Sheet Solution - Liberty

CSIS 331 CSIS331 Lab 12 Answer Sheet Solution - Liberty


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CSIS 331 Lab 12 Answer Sheet Solution (Liberty University)

1. What is the default VLAN?

2. What ports are assigned to the default VLAN? 


3. What is the status of VLAN 99?

4. Why?

5. Is PC-A able to ping PC-B?

6. Why?

7. Is S1 able to ping S2? ____Yes  ____No

8. Why?

9. Which VLAN is F0/24 now associated with?

10. What is the default name of VLAN 30?

11. After deleting VLAN 30, what VLAN is port F0/24 assigned to?

12. What happens to the traffic destined to the host attached to F0/24?

13. To which VLAN is F0/24 assigned?

14. Why should you reassign a port to another VLAN before removing the VLAN from the VLAN database? 

 15. Why might you want to manually configure an interface to trunk mode instead of using DTP?

16. To initialize a switch back to its default settings, what other commands are needed?

Reflection Questions 1: What is needed to allow hosts on VLAN 10 to communicate to hosts on VLAN 20?

Reflection Questions 2. What are some primary benefits that an organization can receive through effective use of VLANs?

Copy and Paste S1 show run Output:

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