APOL 220 APOL220 Quiz 3 Answers - Liberty

APOL 220 APOL220 Quiz 3 Answers - Liberty


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APOL 220 Quiz 3 Answers (Liberty University)

  1. This method emphasizes that true Christianity is not reducible to a proposition, rather it is a life and story to be lived out.
  2. Apologetics should be seen as a tool to clear debris from the path of unbelievers.
  3. A proponent of hard classical apologetics would insist that a logical argument for theism must precede a historical argument for the resurrection of Jesus.
  4. Our deeds form part of the apologetic process and according to the chapter the corporate body of Christ should be distinguished by these things:
  5. The authors suggest that the best apologetic methods are person-specific
  6. N. T. Wright’s book Simply Christian serves as an example of a soft  version of which apologetic type?
  7. The gospel announces which of the following?
  8. One of the weaknesses of Experiential/Narratival apologetics is that it can minimize propositional truths and cognitive appeals.
  9. Those who have been transformed by the Spirit of God are to display _________ and _________ in response to skeptical critics
  10. Cornelius Van Til is the father of which apologetic model?
  11. The goal of Presuppositional apologetics is to explicitly undermine a non-Christian’s worldview
  12. According to the chapter, the Gospel is not the same thing as Apologetics
  13. According to the authors, part of what the gospel announces is who Jesus is.
  14. Promoting the development of serious scientific and philosophical evidence for Christianity is the strength of which apologetic method?
  15. Living lives of virtue and wisdom was not intended to make Christians stand out from everyone else in culture.

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