ANT 202 ANT202 Week 5 Laboratory Garbology - Ashford

ANT 202 ANT202 Week 5 Laboratory Garbology - Ashford


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Ashford ANT 202 Week 5 Laboratory Garbology

During your archaeological research in the once thriving Southern California area of North America, you find the remains of a 21st century building that was once known as a “tract house.”  At the north-east corner of the house’s remains is a plastic trash receptacle known as a “trash can.”  Inside the trash can are the remains of trash that is typical for this time period.  Because the trash is located in one receptacle, and is associated with a single housing unit, we can be fairly certain that the trash found here comes from one single household.  Please look at the list of archaeological data below, and answer the questions.  There may be multiple interpretations!

Questions for Analysis:

Identify the year the trash was deposited and the evidence for seasonal activities based on the artifacts in the space below. Describe the evidence you used to support this.

State how many people might have lived at this household and their ages and genders.  Provide evidence to support your ideas in the space below.  Provide another interpretation of age and gender using the same material items.

Infer the economic status of this household in the space below. Provide evidence to support your ideas.

Since most of the trash is remains of food, describe their diet in terms of what they eat, their health, and what you can discover regarding their lifestyle from looking at their diet and activities.

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