ANT 202 ANT202 Week 4 Quiz Answers - Ashford

ANT 202 ANT202 Week 4 Quiz Answers - Ashford


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Ashford ANT 202 Week 4 Quiz Answers

Question 1


In Australia, the cultural diversity that characterized much of the rest of the world in the post-Pleistocene is most clearly reflected in:

 a broad array of different art styles 


Question 2


The Pleistocene ended and the Holocene began:

 10,000 years ago 


Question 3


The domesticated barley grains recovered at Netiv Hagdud, Gilgal, and Ganj Dareh are about how old:

 11,000 years 


Question 4


Cultural development on Crete was interrupted by:

 a series of earthquakes 


Question 5


The oldest clear evidence of social inequality in Egypt is dated to:

 5,400 years ago 


Question 6


Stonehenge is used in Chapter 9 as an emblem of what kind of society:



Question 7


The large, carved basalt heads that characterize the Olmec probably are:

 depictions of actual Olmec rulers 



Question 8


Karl Wittfogel traced the origins of civilization to:

 the need to coordinate the labor of people to construct irrigation canals


Question 9


State societies possess one key feature that chiefdoms lack. That feature is:

 true government 


Question 10


In its focus on the oasis lake habitats, the Mesolithic culture of Mongolia is similar to: the Desert Archaic of the North American West

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