4.0 Voice and Wireless Design

4.0 Voice and Wireless Design


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4.0 Voice and Wireless Design 

According to the specification in the WWTC Business and Technical requirement, the design of the wireless network should provide a very fast and secure wireless connection in the lobby as well as the two large conference rooms in the organization.

For efficient full Wireless Access Points (WAP) coverage to the lobby and the two conference rooms and for the fact that the target areas are located apart within the office, a Cisco Aironet 1250 Series WAP will be configured in each of the rooms and the lobby. The Aironet 1250 will be an ideal choice for the conference room due to a lot of high bandwidth usage in terms of voice, data and video applications used in these areas.  The WAP is also a dual band device with multiple channels capable to limit channel overlapping during high traffic usage, supports rogue access detection, able to detect malicious users and alert the administrator. A Cisco 4400 Series Wireless LAN Controller will be added to the WAP used to provide single management point for real-time communication to and from the WAP and will deliver centralized security policies, intrusion detection and prevention capabilities, quality of service and efficient mobility service.

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