SCI 115 SCI115 Chapter 7 Quiz Answers - Saint Leo

SCI 115 SCI115 Chapter 7 Quiz Answers - Saint Leo


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Saint Leo SCI 115 Chapter 7 Quiz Answers

Q.  What happens when you remove some bacterial cells form a mat of bacteria? How about if you remove some cells from a human or a fish? Why are the results different?

Q.  What is different about Cancer cells, compared to normal cells, which make them dangerous?

Q.  For our distant ancestors to go from single-celled creatures to bodied ones their cells had to utilize new mechanisms to work together. What are three of these mechanisms?

Q.  When did the first bodies appear on Earth? Approximately what proportion of the history of life includes bodies?

Q.  How do cells connect to one another? What happens if groups of several cell types are put together on a petri dish?

Q.  How do cells communicate with one another? How can the behavior of one cell be affected by another?

Q.  What happens to the cells of a sponge when it is run through a sieve and separated into separate cells?

Q.  Do sponges have bodies? Explain.

Q.  “The potential to build bodies was in place well before bodies ever hit the scene” – Explain.

Q.  Why did bodies develop at the time when earth’s oxygen increased?

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