PSYC 3007 PSYC3007 Week 3 Quiz Answers - Walden

PSYC 3007 PSYC3007 Week 3 Quiz Answers - Walden


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PSYC 3007 Week 3 Quiz Answers (Walden)

    1.    When we say that an attitude performs a function, we mean that it:
    2.    A student adopts a pro-environmental attitude to get along with a new group of environmentally-conscious friends. The attitude fulfills which function?
    3.    According to functional theory, a message is most likely to change an attitude if it ____ the function the attitude serves.
    4.    Attitudes are LEAST likely to be consistent with behavior when:
    5.    The theory of reasoned action emphasizes:
    6.    The idea that an attitude is quickly accessible from memory is aligned with which theory?
    7.    Perceived behavior control is an important element of the theory of reasoned action. Which statement best illustrates perceived behavior control in the context of a person considering taking up scuba diving for the first time?
    8.    Which component proposed by Ajzen increases the odds of correctly predicting behavior?
    9.    What must transpire for an attitude to influence behavior according to Fazio?
    10.    If you are developing a persuasive message to help decrease bullying among fifth graders, which strategy should you NOT consider?
    11.    When are people considered hypocrites?
    12.    Consistency between attitude and behavior can also be expressed by using this saying:
    13.    Which theory is the most systematic to help us understand how attitudes inform beliefs?
    14.    Let's say you are distracted from paying attention to a political message with which you disagree. According to the cognitive response approach, distraction should lead to more persuasion for which of these reasons:
    15.    Let's say a persuader wants to use inoculation theory to increase teens' resistance to peer drug use. What does the theory suggest you do?
    16.    Which of these best describes the Elaboration Likelihood Model?
    17.    In a low involving campaign for political office, candidates would be best advised to do which of these?
    18.    Systematic processing is most similar to which of these:
    19.    Let's say you are interested in physical attractiveness effects in the ELM. What does the model say about attractiveness?
    20.    In the heuristic-systemic model (HSM), people are more often viewed as:

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