PSYC 3007 PSYC3007 Week 1 Quiz Answers - Walden

PSYC 3007 PSYC3007 Week 1 Quiz Answers - Walden


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PSYC 3007 Week 1 Quiz Answers (Walden)

    1.    Which of the following is a basic component of persuasion?
    2.    The text discussed persuasion and coercion. The discussion concluded that:
    3.    According to the definition of persuasion, which of these would NOT be regarded as a persuasive message?
    4.    The study and practice of persuasion is not new. There is evidence of persuasion since:
    5.    Let's say that Manual loves to hike in the woods and has pro-environmental attitudes. After clicking on the Green Party's website, he feels even more positively toward environmental causes. The website has exerted which type of persuasion effect?
    6.    Social media is a force of influence in the 21st century. What draws an advertiser to use this modality?
    7.    Social influence is defined as:
    8.    Self-discipline, altruism, and religion can be considered related to which aspect of persuasion?
    9.    Who is responsible for persuading us?
    10.    Examples of borderline cases of persuasion include all except:
    11.    Coercion involves:
    12.    The most important type of persuasive communication involves:
    13.    What has made it easier for everyday people to have an influence on politics?
    14.    Rhetoric refers to:
    15.    Plato was:
    16.    Who helped to develop the first theories of persuasion?
    17.    In 18th century America, classical rhetoric was synonymous with:
    18.    Utilitarianism emphasized:
    19.    Which of the following best illustrates deontological thought?
    20.    One cannot study persuasion without understanding:

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