BUS 330 BUS330 Week 2 Discussion 1 Interactivity 1: Product Life Cycle Stories

BUS 330 BUS330 Week 2 Discussion 1 Interactivity 1: Product Life Cycle Stories


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BUS 330 Week 2 DQ 1 Interactivity 1 Product Life Cycle Stories

Introduction, growth, maturity, and decline—every product has a life cycle story waiting to be told. In this interactivity, you’re going to document the story of a product, product category or brand that has progressed through the four product life cycle stages.

What to Do (and How to Do It)...

  • Review section 3.2 in our text regarding product life cycles.

  • Check out our sample life cycle Storify regarding Polaroid instant cameras.

  • Identify an appropriate product, product category, or brand.

o Chooseonethathasmovedthroughallphasesofthelifecycle.
o Do a Web search for dead brands or product fads, or use this article about bygone tech for inspiration.

Research your brand/product/category to answer the following:

o Theapproximatetimingofeachlifecyclephase.
o The key events that marked the start or end of each phase.

Use at least three sources, and refer to our example as needed. Create and publish a new Storify that contains the following:

o One section on each lifecycle phase. Briefly describe the phase, when it occurred for your product and the key events that started/ended the phase.

o Atleastoneimageorvideo(productshots,advertisements,etc.). o ThreeAPA-formattedcitations.Referenceyoursourcesattheend.

When done, copy the link of your published Storify story. Post your Storify link to the discussion forum below.

o In the title of your post, identify your product/brand/category.

o In the body of your post, provide your Storify link. See our example.
Explore at least three life cycle Storifys for brand/products/categories other than the one you picked. Then answer this question:

o Of the products that you read about (including your own), which one best fits and which one least fits the classic life cycle curve? Explain why/how. 

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