Ashford BUS 330 BUS330 Week 1 Quiz 1 Answers

Ashford BUS 330 BUS330 Week 1 Quiz 1 Answers


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BUS 330 Week 1 Quiz 1

  1. Which of the following examples BEST illustrates the kind of research that might reveal market segments that can be targeted most profitably? 
  2. What does the Situation Analysis require in addition to Internal and External Analysis? 
  3. A feature that most identified the Production Era was 
  4. An event planner was arranging a banquet to celebrate her client’s successful merger. To do so, she reserves a musician, caterer, and reception hall. Each of these results in a transaction termed a(n) 
  5. What market trend is creating an opportunity for product offerings that are marketed as ideas? 
  6. The Marketing Era could be most identified with 
  7. A characteristic that most identified the Sales Era was 
  8. A shopper’s grocery cart contains the following group of products: baby powder, wet wipes, and diapers. What product classification does this example represent? 
  9. What specific marketing response might counteract the essential variability of services? 
  10. Inthebook,TheParodoxofchoice:WhyMoreisLess,BarrySchwartsreportson research by Professor Iyengar that illustrates the effect of multiple options on consumers. Which of the following statements best summarizes the main effect that Iyangar discovered? 

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