Ashford ACC 310 ACC310 Week 4 Quiz Answers

Ashford ACC 310 ACC310 Week 4 Quiz Answers


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ACC 310 Week 4 Quiz

Question 1.1. Which of the following is not a characteristic of a decentralized organization? (Points : 1)

Question 2.2. In developing a master budget for a manufacturing company, which one of the following items should be done first? (Points : 1)

Question 3.3. Which of the following budgets is not required in a service organization? (Points : 1)

Question 4.4. Which of the following statements does not reflect a difficulty in preparing the marketing and administrative budget? (Points : 1)

Question 5.5. Which of the following service department cost allocation methods is most widely used by manufacturing companies? (Points : 1)

Question 6.6. The controllability concept states that managers should be held responsible for (Points : 1)

Question 7.7. Which of the following items would be classified as a volume-level cost in an activity-based cost management (ABM) system? (Points : 1)

Question 8.8. The unused resource capacity is the difference between the resources supplied and the resources (Points : 1)

Question 9.9. Which of the following service departments would use space occupied (square footage) to allocate its costs to user departments? (Points : 1)

Question 10.10. The Waverly Company has budgeted sales for the year 2008 as follows:






Sales in units





The ending inventory of finished goods for each quarter should equal 25% of the next quarter's budgeted sales in units. The finished goods inventory at the start of the year is 3,000 units. Scheduled production for the third quarter is (in units) (Points : 1)

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