CHFD 350 CHFD350 Quiz 4 Answers (APUS)

CHFD 350 CHFD350 Quiz 4 Answers (APUS)


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CHFD 350 CHFD/350 CHFD350 Quiz 4 (APUS)

  1. Evaluation is used to determine
  2. A well-developed program begins with
  3. __________ evaluations describe a program and provide feedback on how it is doing while the program is still in progress.
  4. ______ are resources dedicated to or consumed by the program.
  5. The number of program participants served would be an example of an output.
  6. ________ includes strategies, techniques, and types of treatment that make up the program's service methodology.
  7. An __________ identifies the ________ that are being measured as a way of tracking the program's success on an outcome.
  8. _______ are verbal or narrative and can be collected by observing participant behavior.
  9. Many programs have the resources to only measure
  10. Most standardized instruments were designed for the population under the greatest observation: black, lower-class families.

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