CHFD 350 CHFD350 Quiz 2 Answers (APUS)

CHFD 350 CHFD350 Quiz 2 Answers (APUS)


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CHFD 350 CHFD/350 CHFD350 Quiz 2 (APUS)

  1. Universities and colleges have been offering family degree programs since the
  2. Which of the following organizations offers a program using the established national academic standards for being a life coach?
  3. Which of the following strategies for growth involves providing opportunities to get family life educators legally recognized?
  4. The concept that a family life educator must consider which topics are appropriate to include in family life education settings refers to which philosophical belief of family life education?
  5. Family therapy is central to family life education.
  6. There are three basic types of human-service agendas. Which are especially related to the skills of family life educators?
  7. Which of the following theoretical perspectives addresses the internal influences on decision making and behavior?
  8. Which principle focuses on acting and reflecting on the part of learners?
  9. Family life education is most effective when it:
  10. Concrete sequential learners are generally perceived as orderly, disciplined, and organized persons.

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