CHFD 350 CHFD350 Quiz 1 Answers (APUS)

CHFD 350 CHFD350 Quiz 1 Answers (APUS)


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CHFD 350 CHFD/350 CHFD350 Quiz 1 (APUS)

  1. The universal definition for the term "family" is
  2. What early family life educator listed among his educational purposes "the education of parents for raising their children"?
  3. Jane Addams developed a model of family intervention and education that became known as
  4. Which state became the first to recognize and support family life education in a public school setting?
  5. The first Child Welfare Research Center was established at the University of Iowa.
  6. __________ developed the first documented course on the family.
  7. Resources and interest in parent education have _________ in the past four decades.
  8. At least one of every ________ Americans is part of a stepfamily
  9. By the year 2030, the elderly population in the United States is expected to climb to ___ % of the total population.
  10. According to Burr, Day, and Bahr, we must think of families differently than scholars of the pas

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